Kickin’ it back to the old school….

A lot of the blogs that I follow and read on a regular basis have gone back to “old school blogging”.  I didn’t really know what this meant since I’m new to the blogging scene, but as I read, I realized that these were the forwarded emails of my teens through AOL and the like. So i will kick it back old school and see what I can come up with….


Where is your cell phone?  It’s in my purse sitting next to my desk.  Withing arms reach and ear shot.  What did I ever do without one of these?
Your significant other?  Matt.  He’s at work right now and will never see this as he doesn’t know that I have started blogging.
Your hair?  Starting to turn gray which is terribly sad and in DESPERATE need of a haircut.
Your mother?  Passed away when I was 10
Your father?  Contributed a ton to the type of person I am today (in a good way)
Your favorite thing?  The laughter of my two children.  Instantly makes me feel better.
Your dream last night?   It was something really messed up.  I only remember pieces like sleeping all day at my grandparents old house and some kind of card game.
Your favorite drink?  Diet coke.  I am a true addict.
Your dream/goal?  To reach a point of financial stability.  I don’t have to be rich, but I would like to buy a house and quit worrying about the little financial things.
The room you are in?  My office.  It’s the size of a closet with white, white walls everywhere.  No wonder I feel like I”m going crazy sometimes.
Your fear?  Death.  Don’t want to do it.  Really don’t want to do it young and leave behind and miss out on my children growing up.
Where do you want to be in six years?  Happy and successful with my two kids and husband (eek in 6 years my kids will be 9 and 7 – that is terrifying)
Where were you last night?  Watching football on my couch.
What are you not?  Social.  This is not to say I’m not friendly, but in group settings I am extremely anxious and shy.
Muffins?  Blueberry please!
One of your wish list items? A new wardrobe.  I am still walking around in maternity clothes or clothes that are 2 sizes too big.  See above re: dream/goal
Where you grew up?  Young childhood in Fayetteville, GA and high school years in Libertyville, IL
The last thing you did?  Worked on a spreadsheet for a client, got bored, and found this.
What are you wearing? Appropriate work attire….and a pair of boots that are KILLLING my feet.
Your TV?  is constantly on….mostly just background noise or The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Your pets?  None.  2 kids is enough until they are able to take on some of that responsibility.
Your computer? Just your basic work laptop.
Your life?  Roller Coaster
Your mood?  Always some underlying anxiety, but  generally pretty good.
Missing someone?  At the moment, not really.  
Your car? 2010 Black Honda Civic.  Nothing special but it’s mine.
Something you are not wearing?  My wedding ring…it’s on the table beside me because it moves around too much when I am typing
Favorite store?  Carter’s (for my kids)
Your summer?  Flew by too quickly.  So many plans and ideas that never got done.
Like someone?  I like a lot of people. 
Your favorite color?  purple
When was the last time you laughed?  Maybe half an hour ago.  Watching The Big Bang Theory blooper reels while I work.
Last time you cried?  I tend to cry a lot, but I think it’s been a couple of days now since I had a good break down.
What is one thing on your to-do list?  Finshing the aforementioned spreadsheet

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