Terrible 3’s

3 Years OldWhen you have children, other parents are often quick to tell you about the pains of childbirth, whether to breastfeed or bottle feed, and what the best toys are for you newborn.  As your children get older, parents are again quick to give advice on when to take them off the bottle, what preschools to put them in, and how to deal with the “Terrible 2’s.”

What no parent ever warned me about is that if you think the “Terrible 2’s are bad, just wait for 3.

My daughter turned 3 back in March and ever since then has decided to become a strange little diva child that I hadn’t met before.  While during the age of 2 she had her moments of breakdown, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, at the age of 3 is cause for a tantrum I can only describe as preschooler nuclear meltdown.  She can go from sweet loving child to crazy, arms flailing, thrown on the ground kicking and screaming in about 2 seconds flat.  It really is quite impressive.

While this is creating a lot of tension in my household as to how to deal with this, I many times have to look away so that I don’t smile or laugh and make her think it’s funny.  In actuality, sometimes it is HILARIOUS (depending on my mood of course). What does she think this kicking and screaming is going to solve?

Am I the only mom out there to experience this phenomenon?


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