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I just read another mom’s blog about not wanting to play with her kids.  This got me thinking….

How many times have my children asked me to play and I have pushed them off with phrases like “in a minute” or “maybe later”.  Looking back, the “minute” or “later” never came and I missed another opportunity to engage with my children.  

If I added up all of those times, how much of my children’s lives am I missing.

I already work 50-60 hours a week with my children in a preschool.  Taking into account sleep, this means my children spend more time with their teachers than with me in any given week.  So why, when my children want me to play, is my first instinct to say no?  Why is my work e-mail more important?  Why would watching The Big Bang Theory over and over be a more exciting choice?



For Conner as you turn 1

Dearest Little Man,

2 days ago you turned 1.  I still can’t believe it.  I feel like you both just got here and have been here forever.  You came into our world and I knew that things were complete.  You are the perfect complement to your bigger sister.  While she is hyper, feisty and sensitive, you are calm and even tempered (most of the time).  I am amazed by how much she loves you.  I am amazed by how much we all love you.

On your first birthday, you took your first steps.  On the day after your birthday, you said your 1st word – Mama.  My heart melted.

So much has happened this year.  You came into the world a little 5lb 12oz boy and have now topped the scales at a whopping 19lbs.  You may be small in size but you more than make up for it in personality.  You are so happy and giggly.  Always smiling (unless you’re hungry of course).  Speaking of eating – I don’t know how you don’t way 100lbs with all of the food you eat on a daily basis.  We have gone from bottle to solid foods exclusively.  You have proven to be a water baby through and through.  We’ve had some rough patches with sickness, but you have pulled through big and strong.

I love you little man with all of my heart.

Love mommy!Image

Terrible 3’s

3 Years OldWhen you have children, other parents are often quick to tell you about the pains of childbirth, whether to breastfeed or bottle feed, and what the best toys are for you newborn.  As your children get older, parents are again quick to give advice on when to take them off the bottle, what preschools to put them in, and how to deal with the “Terrible 2’s.”

What no parent ever warned me about is that if you think the “Terrible 2’s are bad, just wait for 3.

My daughter turned 3 back in March and ever since then has decided to become a strange little diva child that I hadn’t met before.  While during the age of 2 she had her moments of breakdown, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, at the age of 3 is cause for a tantrum I can only describe as preschooler nuclear meltdown.  She can go from sweet loving child to crazy, arms flailing, thrown on the ground kicking and screaming in about 2 seconds flat.  It really is quite impressive.

While this is creating a lot of tension in my household as to how to deal with this, I many times have to look away so that I don’t smile or laugh and make her think it’s funny.  In actuality, sometimes it is HILARIOUS (depending on my mood of course). What does she think this kicking and screaming is going to solve?

Am I the only mom out there to experience this phenomenon?